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Hello everyone! It's 13th here with a visual novel! And honestly it's a pet project I have been waiting for so long to get started.

(Please note that this is a work in progress and some placeholders were in place or some assets may be missing.)

This is Bitter Sweet Memories, a game about a group of friends reunited after 6 years of separation. Life has indeed changed them but was it for the better or worse?

You play as Azure, a wolf that is more often than not misunderstood due to his face usually showing someone who's always in a foul mood. Despite this, he is a capable worker with a dream... a dream that cannot be fulfilled that easily.

But one day, when he least expected it, his life turned a bit brighter. Perhaps a lot more when he found himself reunited with his friends. 

But is it a stroke of luck or fate bringing them together again?

P.S. If you all have the time, please check out Monchi's VN: https://monchimutt.itch.io/socially-awkward

Thanks for being an inspiration Monmon!

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, Furry, Gay, Romance, Slice Of Life


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was it canceled?

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Nope, it's being worked, it just takes a lot of time is all, this is his first novel afterall.


Man this VN looks really promising! I really love what I have played so far. Keep it up!


I want to Android download it game pls and I waiting can Android download

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Congratulations the_13th on your new game! (Even though I'm two weeks late) I'm so excited to play it now! UwU

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so, I'm gonna be that one wierdo that asks,

Is it, or will it ever be NSFW? 

We will have to see in the future. I am not too sure if it will reach that point either

wow its so cool ... but i see it still working in progress right please do your best to make it more beautiful and more exciting? just make sure it has a new updated with new pictures and other kinds of new scenes and episode

Is this going to be available to Android in the future? I would really like to know and play this vn once its out for Android…

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I liked that very much. It's a pretty neatly start for a new VN and i'm looking forward for new updates. 

I certainly like the idea of managing your time. I don't have many experience with VN's, but i think it's not something that happens very often.

I already love Wilbert. I really, really appreciate seeing something different than the same races in the main cast. I appreciate even more for the fact that he is a whale <3

And while i really like the story so far, i'd actually work some more on giving atleast a little more backstory to characters here. Something like a retrospection maybe? I mostly talk about how Calino was making a body contact with Azure so confidently. From a player perspective he's a stranger. Hugging was ok, but petting was out of place in my opinion.

Why do everyone is flirting with Azure? xD

Edit: I also respect so much for character sprites. They are great! Love Calino's face already. As an artist myself i'd suggest to work a little more on Wilbert's snout tho. Looks a little too flat if you ask me.


Thank you so much for your feedback, we will try our best to improve it


You know how this VN is in progress and all, as well as it possibly getting changed........could there be a bird character, like a crow or a raven something like that ?

This game is so awesome! This game will have easter eggs?

Just wait and see~! It wouldn't be an easter egg if I told you.

Good job with the character desgins! I can't even decide which one is my favorite! I just love them!


i know its a little early to ask but is there an idea of what the  update schedule will look like?

It would be updated approximately every month

Are you planning on making this for android in the future?


In the future, yes. As of now this beta was intended to test the gameplay portion of the game, but the moment 1.0 hits it should be available!

Thank you for replying and answering my question! I'll be waiting to try this Vn out =^-^=


I like it, it looks interesting, good job!
also, during the exploration stage Alex's mane covers too much of the screen and there's a typo for coffee during Wilbert's conversation.


Thank you for reaching out, most of everything in the beta is merely a test run for now. So I haven't truly paid mind to typos. I hope however that you'll be looking forward to future updates


Thank you so much! I hope that the updates will live up to expectations.

just played this game and finished the beta, i believe the start was somewhat interesting, the experience was a decent one. I did felt a bit lost towards the ending with the when Azure said about the regular customers, then he tell to the bull about why they are here. It kinda didnt fit in that part if you get what i mean. anyways its a nice one and hope to see it continue

Hehe sorry bout that but thanks for giving me your input! Don't worry, that was merely a gameplay test run since I reserved the actual script for 1.0.  Rest assured the entire start will be similar but it won't end with only those two as your customers.